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From The Editor
Connie Trendel, Editor-in-Chief

Well summer is definitely over. Halloween has come and gone, retailers have aisles of Christmas decorations and gift ideas and television has started its new fall season. I have a confession; I enjoy some of the “reality” shows. I do consider myself somewhat selective, you won’t find me watching “My Big Redneck Wedding” or “I Love New York”
but “Survivor” and “Amazing Race” are long time favorites. When I saw an ad for “America’s Toughest Jobs” I thought I’d check it out. Contestants had to learn to perform jobs like lumberjacking, bull fighting, and oil drilling. Now I admit, those looked like tough jobs filled with possible peril and long days, and I also know that I wouldn’t be able to do them. But what I did notice is that none of the “toughest jobs” included anything in health care, particularly no direct caregivers. Talk about a tough job! We hold lives in our hands, caring for our nations most frail and elderly. We struggle with staffing shortages, poor reimbursement, a survey system that is designed to find fault rather than promote excellence. We work weekends, holidays and double shifts. We are there when families break down, there when our residents lose their
battle with on going illness. On the television show I did see contestants show pride in learning and performing
these difficult jobs but what I didn’t see is what caregivers get. Not only the satisfaction of a job well done but the joys of
knowing you’ve affected someone’s life. That because you where there a person sleeps better, takes nourishment, walks
when they didn’t think they would again. Now that is a tough job! And I doubt if you could find one with more internal rewards. My Caregiver is dedicated to those doing America’s Toughest Job! It is our mission to bring you information to aide you in your profession. From clinical pieces, such as “Flu and Pneumonia Vaccines in Long Term Care”, to articles for our personal growth and wellness like “Time for You”. As caregivers we need to have a sense of humor and stress busters, so we include jokes, puzzles and funny stories. On going education is always important, so for those of you enrolled in the Academy of Health Care Professionals, we include the Professional Points test. And as always, we love to get suggestions from our readers. This is your magazine! If you have a topic you’d like to see covered let us know. Are you a closet writer? We love to receive poems, articles and stories from caregivers and plans are in the works to include a “From the Frontline” section for you to share your personal stories of caregiving. Every day thousands of caregivers leave their families to care for another, struggle to meet demands of surveyors and regulations, experience the highest highs and the lowest lows, all while loving one of America’s Toughest Jobs! You are our heroes!

Attention Readers: Share your thoughts about MyCaregiver. What do you like? What do you want to see included? Write to me at: MyCaregiver, Attn: Connie Trendel 2709 West 13th St. Joplin, MO 64801