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Facility comments regarding CNAs' impact on purchasing:

"We have implemented the use of disposable incontinent briefs in many of our facilities within the past two years. The feedback of the CNAs was critical in determining which products to use and what type of training to provide when rolling out the programs." - Gerald Hamilton, Regional Operations Director, NM

"CNAs have a strong voice on Products & Services. They are direct care frontline informants on the pro's and con's. If they do not like it they won't use it and our facility won't purchase it." - Ricka Matthews, RN, Regional Director of LTC Operations, Deaconness Long Term Care, KC, MO

"We have CNAs sample products and equipment for one week. We then asked how they liked the product. This determines our next move." - Paula DeLeon, Parkway Care Center, Edwardsville, KS

"We have CNA/Administrator communication meetings. The CNAs voice their opinions and we take their opinions very seriously and try to please as they are the backbone to our facility." - Pam Harwick, Ancillary Manager, Beverly Healthcare, Heber Springs, AR

"Before we make new purchases of any equipment the nursing assistant uses, we insist on a trial at the facility. In the past five months, we spent $50,000 on automatic lifts, tubs, and walking devices. We purchased only those items that were recommended by the end user, i.e. the CNAs. Additionally, we find that it is an unacceptable practice not to include them in changes in routine purchase orders. On too many occasions, products and supplies were purchased before consulting the nursing assistants, only to find them inferior resulting in high volume usage because the products did not have the durability, etc... We believe the CNAs possess the skill, knowledge, and ability to influence our decision-making and they are empowered to do just that. They know what works; they know what doesn't and they save the company money while they are using products they like and feeling good about the job they have done." - Judy Caroselli, Westland Convalescent Center, Westland MI

"When we trial different briefs in our facility the input from the CNAs definitely influence what brand we select." - Marie Alire, RN, DON, Rio Rancho Nursing & Rehab, Rio Rancho, NM

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